A snooze follows this format:

  • [@SnoozeThis] {observable} [-> {actions}] [<= {deadline}]

In more detail:

@SnoozeThisNeeded for most platforms to get SnoozeThis' attention.
{observable} The thing to wait for. In most cases this is an URL. See a list of all supported observers.
You can specify multiple observables with && (both observables need to resolve) or || (either observable needs to resolve)
-> {actions}One or more actions to perform once the snooze has resolved. Possible actions differ per platform. If omitted, SnoozeThis will choose the most appropriate action.
<= deadline If given, the snooze will automatically fail if not resolved before the deadline.
Example: @SnoozeThis <= two weeks

To cancel an active snooze, type:

  • @SnoozeThis /cancel