Quick start guide

SnoozeThis is available on several platforms. For this quick start guide we'll be taking a look at our integration with GitHub. Please refer to the documentation for instructions on how to use SnoozeThis on other platforms.

Step 1: create your first snooze

You can start using SnoozeThis right away. There is no need to create an account or install an app (more on this in the next step).
Simply add a new comment to one of your issues (don't have an issue handy? Use our playground), starting with @SnoozeThis:

  • @SnoozeThis wait 2 minutes

Sit back and wait while SnoozeThis does its magic. By extending the wait time to for example two weeks (@SnoozeThis wait 2 weeks) or next Monday (@SnoozeThis wait until Monday) you can put issues out of your mind and be reminded of them later.

Step 2: install the GitHub app (optional)

Installing the free GitHub app will greatly improve the response time of SnoozeThis and also unlock additional features (like -> actions).

You can now tell SnoozeThis what to do when your snooze has resolved:

  • @SnoozeThis -> close

Check out our documentation for the available actions.

Step 3: create an account (optional)

If you head to the My Account page, you can login using your GitHub account and get an overview of your active snoozes. You can also link your identity on other platforms and oversee all your snoozes in one place.

Step 4: read more (definitely mandatory)

Of course, SnoozeThis can do more than simply wait for time to pass. Why not try waiting for another issue to be resolved?

  • @SnoozeThis

Our commands page lists all the possible things you can have SnoozeThis wait for.