• For individuals
  • Only public repositories
  • 50 active snoozes at any time
  • 25 new snoozes per month

Free forever
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Power User

  • For individuals that outgrow the Personal Tier
  • For all platforms we support
  • 500 active snoozes at any time
  • 100 new snoozes per month

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  • For companies
  • For all platforms we support; including in-house platforms
  • 500 active snoozes per employee at any time
  • 100 new snoozes per employee per month

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Open Source

  • For all open source projects
  • Private repository usage on request
  • 250 active snoozes at any time
  • 100 new snoozes per month

Free forever

We love open source, and we try to give back. That's why we promise SnoozeThis will be free for open source projects forever.

The personal tier is also free, but with some restrictions. You can't snooze issues in private issue trackers (like GitHub private repositories), and you can't wait for anything that requires credentials to access (like GitHub private repositories, your private Docker registry etc). If you need this, upgrade to the Power User tier. The Power User tier also grants vastly higher usage limits, for those that snooze their way through life.

We'd love to help increase your employee's productivity with the Business tier. €2 / employee / month is a small price to pay to give your employees fewer things to track, and make sure tasks can get picked up as soon as they're actionable.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.