To use SnoozeThis in your Linear workspace, first add our integration.

Add a new comment to an issue you want to snooze:


SnoozeThis will then automatically:

  • unassign the issue;
  • set the state to "Snoozed";
  • start monitoring the blocker (the GitHub issue in this example)
  • add a comment with a short summary

Later, when the snooze has been resolved (in the example above: when the GitHub issue has been closed), SnoozeThis by default will:

  • add a comment;
  • reassign the issue;
  • restore the state

Of course, blocking on GitHub issues is just one example. Check out all the available commands.


You can change what SnoozeThis should do once it's done snoozing. Here are some examples:

  • @SnoozeThis -> close
  • @SnoozeThis -> assign to @user
  • @SnoozeThis -> add label "Ready For Action"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2025 -> remove label "Next planning cycle"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2025 -> set priority to High
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2025 -> clear priority
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2025 -> assign to @user, remove label "Next planning cycle", add label "Ready For Action"

As shown by the examples, SnoozeThis can close the issue, change assignee, add/remove labels, set/clear the priority or combinations of those. Let us know if you'd like to have more actions.