Create a new comment on a public issue or merge request and prefix your command with @SnoozeThis. SnoozeThis will reply with a confirmation.

Once your blocker has been resolved it will add a new comment.

Advanced features

If SnoozeThis has appropriate access to your project or group, more advanced features are unlocked:

  • Use actions
  • Automatically make SnoozeThis the assignee
  • Use our GitLab integration in your private repositories (available to Power and Business users)

Depending on your GitLab plan you have two options:

  1. Invite @SnoozeThis to your project. Make sure to assign the Reporter role or higher.
    Please note: this counts as a GitLab user. Depending on your GitLab plan there might be costs involved.
  2. Install our (free) bot
    This is only available to GitLab users with a Premium or Ultimate plan and does not count as an additional user.


You can change what SnoozeThis should do once it's done snoozing. Here are some examples:

  • @SnoozeThis -> close
  • @SnoozeThis -> assign to @tgmpje
  • @SnoozeThis -> unassign somebot
  • @SnoozeThis -> add label "Ready For Action"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2024 -> remove label "Next planning cycle"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2024 -> assign to @tgmpje, assign to @Jille, remove label "Next planning cycle", add label "Ready For Action"
  • @SnoozeThis wait two weeks -> unlock

As shown by the examples, SnoozeThis can close the issue, add/remove assignees, add/remove labels, lock/unlock or combinations of those. Let us know if you'd like to have more actions.

Self-managed GitLab

You can run a satellite service on your machines that can talk to your self managed GitLab if you want to have SnoozeThis on your private instance. Contact us for the possibilities.