Snooze a GitHub issue by creating a new comment and prefix your command with @SnoozeThis. SnoozeThis will reply with a confirmation. Feel free to assign the issue to @SnoozeThis, so the issue is no longer on your TODO list.

Once your blocker has been resolved it will add a new comment.

SnoozeThis becomes much faster and more powerful with our GitHub App (read more below). This also enables snoozing on private repositories.


Wait for another GitHub issue to close: @SnoozeThis

Check out all the available commands.

GitHub App

Install our (free) app at to:

  • Get a response within seconds, rather than a minute
  • Automatically make SnoozeThis the assignee
  • Have the ability to use actions!
  • Use SnoozeThis on private repositories


You can change what SnoozeThis should do once it's done snoozing. Here are some examples:

  • @SnoozeThis -> close
  • @SnoozeThis -> assign to tgmpje@
  • @SnoozeThis -> unassign somebot
  • @SnoozeThis -> add label "Ready For Action"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2024 -> remove label "Next planning cycle"
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2024 -> assign to @tgmpje, assign to @Jille, remove label "Next planning cycle", add label "Ready For Action"
  • @SnoozeThis wait two weeks -> unlock
  • @SnoozeThis -> /retest
  • @SnoozeThis -> tell rustbot ready

As shown by the examples, SnoozeThis can close the issue, add/remove assignees, add/remove labels, lock/unlock or combinations of those. Let us know if you'd like to have more actions.

Note that without installing the GitHub app, we only have permission to comment. All actions require the app. We support bots like rustbot and k8s-ci-robot to execute assignee/label changes for us. We'll autodetect if you're using one of those two on your repository.

Self hosted GitHub Enterprise Server

You can run a satellite service on your machines that can talk to your self hosted GitHub Enterprise Server if you want to have SnoozeThis on your private instance. Contact us for the possibilities.