A snooze follows this format:

  • [@SnoozeThis] {command} [-> {actions}] [<= {deadline}]

In more detail:

@SnoozeThisNeeded for most platforms to get SnoozeThis' attention.
{command} The thing to wait for. In most cases this is an URL. See below for all the possible commands.
You can specify multiple commands with && (both commands need to resolve) or || (either command needs to resolve)
-> {actions}One or more actions to perform once the snooze has resolved. Possible actions differ per platform. If omitted, SnoozeThis will choose the most appropriate action.
<= deadline If given, the snooze will automatically fail if not resolved before the deadline.
Example: @SnoozeThis <= two weeks


Waiting for GitHub issues, pull requests, tags or merges

Simple type @SnoozeThis followed by the URL of the GitHub issue or pull request. SnoozeThis will reply once the issue has been closed, the pull request merged, the tag created, or the commit has been merged into a branch.


  • @SnoozeThis
  • @SnoozeThis
  • @SnoozeThis has tag v1.0.0
  • @SnoozeThis has label waiting-for-rollout
  • @SnoozeThis doesn't have label unactionable
  • @SnoozeThis has new comments
  • @SnoozeThis has new comments by Jille
  • @SnoozeThis contains abcdefabcdef

Waiting for GitLab issues and merge requests

You can let SnoozeThis wait for GitLab issues and merge requests to be closed. More blockers on GitLab are coming soon, but do let us know what you need.


  • @SnoozeThis
  • @SnoozeThis

Waiting for Gerrit changes to be merged

Simply paste the URL to a Gerrit change and we’ll wait for it to be merged. We don’t know of all Gerrit instances that exist, so if it doesn't understand your Gerrit URL, let us know and we can easily add it.


  • @SnoozeThis

Waiting for Stack Overflow answers

If you posted a question on (or any of the other Stack Exchange websites), you can let SnoozeThis wait for an answer (any answer), an accepted answer or new answers (the default behaviour).


  • @SnoozeThis
  • @SnoozeThis has accepted answer
  • @SnoozeThis has answers
  • @SnoozeThis has more answers

Waiting for Docker images

You can have SnoozeThis wait until new Docker images are published. You can wait for new images, new tags, and for digests to change. We understand Docker Hub, and URLs natively, for others you need to prefix them with "docker image".


  • @SnoozeThis has tag v0.4.0
  • @SnoozeThis has changed
  • @SnoozeThis exists
  • @SnoozeThis has tag 14
  • @SnoozeThis docker image has changed

Waiting for some time

You can have SnoozeThis wait for a period of time.


  • @SnoozeThis wait for 3 minutes
  • @SnoozeThis wait for 1 year
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2023
  • @SnoozeThis wait until Jan 2nd 2023
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 6pm
  • @SnoozeThis wait until tomorrow
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 2 days before 2025
  • @SnoozeThis wait until 5pm in Europe/Amsterdam
  • @SnoozeThis wait until next week

Waiting for (Rust)

You can make SnoozeThis wait for a new version of a Rust crate.


  • @SnoozeThis

Waiting for features in the Rust compiler

Are you waiting for a pull request to be built into the Rust compiler? This'll wait for the PR to be merged, released and built by the CI.


  • @SnoozeThis contains
  • @SnoozeThis contains
  • @SnoozeThis contains

Waiting for Discourse forums

You can monitor topics on Discourse forums. Contact us if you'd like a new Discourse forum added


  • @SnoozeThis
  • @SnoozeThis is closed
  • @SnoozeThis has 10000 views
  • @SnoozeThis has 50 likes
  • @SnoozeThis has more likes

Waiting for new software releases

SnoozeThis understands URL's so you can block your snooze on new software releases.


  • @SnoozeThis

Waiting for posts to mailing lists

Waiting for someone to reply to a mailing list? Waiting for your own post to be approved by moderation?

For this to work we need to be a member of the mailing list. You can add to any list you'd like. For mailman and Majordomo lists we automatically accept the email verification challenges. Feel free to contact us to get a subscription to any mailing list you want.


  • @SnoozeThis has new message from

Waiting for something else

You can setup a web page that simply returns yes or no (and nothing else), based on your own logic. Then, ask SnoozeThis [url] returns yes. SnoozeThis will periodically poll your website to check if it returns yes. If so, it will notify you.


Create a web page that checks the current bitcoin price and return yes if it drops below $ 1,000.

$usd = json_decode(file_get_contents(''))->USD;
echo $usd < 1000 ? 'yes' : 'no';
  • @SnoozeThis returns yes